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Need to formalise your experience?

Courses like the Certificate IV in Frontline Management and the Diploma of Management are for students who would like to consolidate their supervisory experience in a qualification.

Want to boost your management career?

An Advanced Diploma, Double Diploma or even Mini MBA will give you the edge you need to accelerate your career from skilled practitioner to genuine manager.

Moving from manager to leader?

Even experienced managers need elevation; enrol in one of our short courses to address your skills gaps. Courses range from practising influence, executing strategy and optimising team performance, to negotiation, stress management and Women in Leadership.

Management is no longer the sole domain of the specialist practitioner, it is the nomination of an employee who shows leadership. The knowledge and skills you need to lead are varied and no manager begins their experience will a full skill set. Management is a foundational skill that may provide different functions across various industries but essentially ensures the optimisation of resources to advance the organisation, why not study a Managment course Today?

  • Our range of Management courses includes entry-level qualifications that formalise your experience to short courses for specific skills such as negotiation, change management and motivation.
  • Management qualifications lead to positions such as team leader, departmental manager, general manager and up to C-suite roles, including chief executive officer.
  • Contact CoursesNow on 1300 192 927 and a consultant can help you identify the right course to complete your skill set.

Career Pathways

Management and leadership courses provide skills that are not just for manager roles; all employees have the chance to manage and lead their own careers. The difference in effectiveness is scale, which differs from industry to industry according to the management structure of various organisations. Most employees start with supervisory experience and then progress to roles such as team leader, department manager or director, general manager and then chief-level leadership.

Graduates will complete the Management and leadership courses with the skills and knowledge to communicate effectively with and optimise the performance of a team, balance strategy with decision-making and define and measure organisational goals.

As a discipline, management and leadership is set to grow strongly in the medium term with a high demand expected at all levels, but especially the general management and C-level leadership positions.

There are two main professional bodies that provide support for members in the management discipline from all industries. The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) is focused on best practice management and career development while the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)—for senior executives, partners or proprietors of a professional practice and professor-level academics—provides professional recognition and opportunities for networking and advancement.

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