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Logging in to an IT career?

Our introduction courses will give you a comprehensive foundation in understanding computers, with our Certificate III level qualification offering electives in applications, networks, IT support, web technology and multimedia.

Seeking a recognised IT qualification?

A Diploma or Advanced Diploma will take you further into your chosen specialisation including systems administration, web scripting, business analysis and project management.

Need to upskill to go pro?

Ask us about certifications for top development programs, including Microsoft, Linux, Oracle, Solaris, Cisco and Java.

The acceleration of the information technology age has led to a boom in IT roles across various levels and areas. IT is a growing industry with a number of lucrative roles and flexibility available for people with the right skills. Certifications with industry recognition are highly prized, giving you a gateway to specialised roles.

  • Whether you're looking to gain a general understanding of computers or software programs, or need certification for specific tasks, we have a course for you.
  • Step into roles ranging from helpdesk to networking, programming and web work to systems administration.
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Career Pathways

The growth of IT as an industry means there are a number of different roles for practitioners at different levels and areas. Entry level roles include installing and maintaining operating systems, applications and software, general systems administration and fielding helpdesk queries, from which you can work up to more specialised positions in software, coding and programming, website development and IT security.

Graduates at entry level will emerge with foundational knowledge in computer hardware, operating systems, networks and programs, while those after specific skills will complete their IT course with an industry recognised certification.

The IT industry is fast-paced and ever-changing, which means it is best suited to people who are technically minded but have the flexibility to adapt to new technology and new methods of operation. The breadth of the sector means jobs are plentiful, with a lot of scope to earn a healthy salary, work as a contractor or run your own business.

Professional bodies serving the IT sector include its peak body, the Australian Information Industry Association, as well as those covering more specific areas, for example the Australian Computer Society, which offers professional certification and development, and Women in Technology, to help advance the careers of women in the industry. IT professionals may also be interested in advocacy via associations such as the Australian Web Industry Association or the Internet Industry Association.

It’s fantastic to feel a real boost to my professional confidence that has resulted from receiving the Advanced Diploma in Information Technology (Business Analysis). After 15 years of practising in this role across many domains and industries I now have a high level professional qualification to match my experience. This only came about because Steve Rowe from Courses Now took the time to advise me of the course details—thanks Steve and CoursesNow. Quote

Russell F - Student