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Master of Business Administration (MBA) Course

Increasing competition, climate change and decreasing supplies of renewable energy sources are among the challenges facing organisations that wish to ...

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Increasing competition, climate change and decreasing supplies of renewable energy sources are among the challenges facing organisations that wish to have a sustainable future. To meet such challenges, organisations require managers with the intellectual ability and skills necessary to manage people and businesses in turbulent environments.

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) will provide students with the skills and knowledge to move an organisation forward in challenging times.

Course overview

As the Master of Business Administration is a postgraduate qualification, this course is ideal for candidates who have already achieved an undergraduate degree and can demonstrate three years' work experience.

On completion of this program, graduates will have acquired a firm understanding of the major areas of knowledge which underpin general management, including:

  • The concepts, processes and institutions in the production and marketing of goods and/or services and the financing of business enterprise or other forms of organisation.
  • The impact of environmental forces on organisations, including: ethical, social, economic, and technological change issues; and the effect of international developments.
  • Response to and management of change
  • The concepts and applications of accounting and finance
  • Management theory and human resource management issues
  • The processes and problems of general management at the operational and strategic level.
  • Business strategy
  • Business research methods
  • Leadership and entrepreneurship

Students may also choose to specialise in areas such as business research, economic analysis, educational leadership, finance, human resource management, information technology, marketing and public sector management.

Career pathways

The MBA program has a wide variety of applications across all industries, both in the public and private sectors, in Australia and globally. Generally speaking, graduates will be eligible to apply for senior management positions in combination with their industry experience.

Entry requirements

MBA applicants must have an undergraduate degree from a recognised tertiary institution and/or an equivalent professional qualification as well as a minimum of three years' work experience.

Course duration

Course duration is dependent on study mode.

Online and distance study students will have the benefit of self-paced study with the average student able to complete the course within 1 year studying full-time or 2 years studying part-time.

Students wishing to study via classroom delivery should speak to a CoursesNow consultant to discuss provider options. This program runs full-time over three trimesters (1 year) only.

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Delivery Methods Classroom
Finance Options VET FEE-HELP, Finance Available
Study Time 1-2 years

I am enjoying my course very much. Am learning lots and have even achieved Distinctions in some subjects. Studying online can be hard sometimes as you need to put aside time to study. Quote

Lyn G - Student

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