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Change Management Certification Course

Change is transforming the global marketplace. As technology continues its inexorable march forward, the requirement for organisations to change is ...

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About Change Management

Change is transforming the global marketplace. As technology continues its inexorable march forward, the requirement for organisations to change is accelerating beyond anything imaginable. We have to learn that increasing our speed has little to do with going faster. We secure greater speed by trusting the people we work with to select, implement and monitor change.

The primary differentiation for all enterprises will be their ability to engage in and adapt to change—small incremental change up to major step change initiatives.

Dealing with change and, more importantly, the impact of change is a high priority for all organisations. Working with Esther Cameron and Mike Green and building on the concepts in their book 'Making Sense of Change Management', we have developed a series of training courses to help organisations and their people come to terms with these issues.

This course is suitable for people who want to work in a change environment, people who want to make change happen, CEOs and senior management who have recognised the competency of change leadership, project leaders and members involved in major change, supervisors/team leaders and anyone interested in the management of change.

Course contents

The Change Management syllabus encourages you to learn about the theories of how change impacts on and is affected by the:

  • Individual
  • Team
  • Organisation
  • Change Leader

During the course candidates will gain an understanding of:

  • The main theories of how people are motivated and how they go through change as individuals.
  • The role of the team in change, the phases and changes towards becoming a high performing team, and the different types of teams.
  • The main metaphors of an organisation, how to recognise when people are using these metaphors and the limitations of each.
  • Leading change within each of the metaphors and how this works.
  • Leadership style: The importance of emotional intelligence and self-knowledge in leaders.


By the end of this practical and profoundly-stimulating course, you will be equipped with a number of powerful approaches that will help you lead individuals, teams and whole organisations through major change.

This course is available at Foundation and Practitioner levels. The Foundation course is delivered over 3.5 days and Practitioner course over 1.5 days. The course can be undertaken individually, as two separate courses, or as a single 5-day course which includes both of the exams, the Foundation exam on day 4 and Practitioner exam on day 5.

The course is delivered by an APM Group approved trainer with practical experience in change management. The course prepares candidates for the Change Foundation and Practitioner exams.

Change Management Foundation qualification

The purpose of the Foundation qualification is to confirm you have sufficient knowledge, understanding and a practical introduction to the world of change management.

Features of the exam:

  • A closed book exam
  • Multiple-choice
  • Four sections, with 15 questions available per section, making the total number of marks available per paper 60
  • 1 hour to complete
  • Candidates need to achieve a mark of 40 (67%) or more to pass
  • The Invigilator will mark this paper and provide interim results, on the same day they will then be confirmed by APMG.

This course has a Foundation examination online. You can opt for an online or paper examination when you make your booking.

Change Management Practitioner qualification

Candidates who undertake the new Practitioner level qualification course and exam will gain a deeper knowledge of the principles of change management and an understanding of how to implement and manage change in their organisations.

Features of the exam:

  • An open book exam (Manual and Change Management Practitioner handbook only)
  • 4 Questions per paper with 20 marks available per question, making the total number of marks available per paper 80
  • 3 hours to complete
  • Candidates need to achieve a mark of 40 (50%) or more to pass
  • Papers are sent to APMG for marking, results take 2–3 weeks.


Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for the Foundation qualification, however students would benefit from some experience in a business change function.

Students must pass the Foundation exam as a prerequisite to progress to the Change Management Practitioner course and exam.

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Delivery Method Classroom
Finance Option Finance Available
Study Time 5 days

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