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Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management Course

This course is designed for professionals looking to get an edge in the job market and advance themselves up the ...

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This course is designed for professionals looking to get an edge in the job market and advance themselves up the chain of management in their chosen field of employment.  

For many companies there is a critical need to to identify talented leaders and bring them together to grow the business.  Undertaking a course of study in leadership and management allows you to pursue your career in a variety of different areas, ensuring flexibility in your future career direction.
Undertaking the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management means that you specialise in managing people, and businesses always need good leaders to grow. 

We recommend this course to you if you are looking to achieve the following:

  • Managing other people
  • Leading teams of people to achieve business objectives
  • Managing important functions, operations and projects

The Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management is the ideal course of study for those who already have management and leadership experience. If you have previously lead and managed teams, you can build upon your experience and focus on becoming a high performance leader.  In this qualification, you will learn to link the strategic objectives of the business to teams and manage their performances. 

Career pathways

Following successful completion of the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management graduates can potentially work as a business owner, startup founder, leader, supervisor, manager or director in the following fields:

  • Management
  • Marketing and or Sales
  • Retail
  • Professional Services
  • Health & Fitness
  • Financial Services
  • Startups
  • Real Estate
  • Information Services
  • Design, Digital & Creative
  • Organisational change

Entry requirements

  • Have successfully completed Australian Year 12 or overseas equivalent; or
  • Adult Language Literacy & Numeracy test 

Preferred pathways include completion of the Certificate IV in Business (or Similar), or even a significant amount of work experience then this course is suited to you.

Course duration

This qualification is delivered online only for 12 months.  This may be completed earlier or later dependent on your individual study pace.  Studying online allows students to be in control over their learning allowing them to balance study with work and life commitments. 

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Delivery Method Online
Finance Option VET FEE-HELP
Study Time 12 Months

I feel revitalised and I have some new toys that I can once again use in my business management life, as I have decided to go back into project management helping my son set up his business. Quote

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