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Learn to type using the tool that is being used throughout a variety of Corporate and Government institutions including Westpac and the Commonwealth Bank. InterAction courses are packed with practical lessons and simulation that were developed in Australia - so yes you will be listening to Australian voices! Now you can access the same self-paced learning InterAction has been delivering to Corporate and Government organisations across the world for 25 years. Up to 85% of our screens are interactive, ensuring that you are constantly involved and thus motivated to learn. You can also start by completing an optional interactive pre-test which identifies any skills gaps you may have, and then recommends the most appropriate modules that you need to concentrate on to round off your knowledge. If you are an intermediate or advanced user, you will be directed to the specific topics that will supplement your existing knowledge.


You might be a new, intermediate or power user, or a user migrating from an earlier version. We assume that you also have the basics of operating your PC and Windows.

Learn To

Beginners Keyboard Skills

  • The F and J Keys
  • The D and K Keys
  • The S and L Keys
  • The A and ; Keys
  • The Home Keys
  • The E Key
  • The H Key
  • The T Key
  • The I Key
  • The G Key
  • The N Key

Intermediate Keyboard Skills

  • Left Shift
  • Right Shift
  • The Full Stop Key
  • The V Key
  • The O Key
  • The R Key
  • The P Key
  • The W Key
  • The Y Key
  • The C Key

Expert Keyboard Skills

  • The U Key
  • The Q Key
  • The B Key
  • The M Key
  • The X key
  • The Comma Key
  • The Z Key
  • The ? and / Keys
  • The - Key
  • The Hyphen Keys

The Number Pad

  • The 4,5 and 6 Keys
  • The Decimal Point
  • The 8 Key
  • The 0 Key
  • The 9 Key
  • The 1 Key
  • The 2 Key
  • The 3 Key
  • The 7 Key
  • The Addition and Subtraction Keys

Type IT Tests

  • The Keyboard Test
  • The Number Pad Test

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