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Diploma of Business Administration

The Diploma of Business Administration qualification is suited to roles where there is the 

requirement for specialist knowledge in administration ...

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About this Qualification 

The Diploma of Business Administration qualification is suited to roles where there is the 

requirement for specialist knowledge in administration management. 

The Diploma of Business Administration qualification allows a wide range of subject 

options to enable organisations to select the skills and knowledge that their staff would benefit from.

This flexibility with subject choice makes this qualification an extremely flexible one that can 

be tailored for most financial services organisations and job roles. 

Course Suitability 

The job roles that may suit this course include: 

  • Administration Managers 
  • Office Managers 

All Diploma level candidates should satisfy themselves that they understand the 

requirements of Diploma level study.

Enrolment Options 

The qualification is also available for individual students to enrol on a private basis. 

 Employers can also directly enrol staff. 

Course Fees   

 All course fees cover the full cost of course materials issued to students. 

Course Duration 

The qualification is timetabled to be completed in one year over a 52 week period, with students 

required to mail assignments to the College at regular intervals.  

Regular study of approximately 4 hours per week, in conjunction with on-the-job practice of 

the skills covered in the course would normally be required to successfully complete this 


Students can complete as early as they like – as they study at their own pace. 

Enrol at any time as the College has continuous courses all year round. 

Course Benefits 

The qualification offers: 

  • Cost effective ways for employers to up-skill staff 
  • Flexible method of delivery that suits busy office environments 
  • Structured, high quality training 
  • Wide range of subjects that allow tailoring to individual business and employee needs 

Course Subjects and Electives 

The qualification requires 8 units of competency. 

  • The qualification includes the following units of competency: 
  • Manage meetings 
  • Plan or review administration systems 
  • Manage projects 
  • Manage payroll 
  • Manage business document design and development 

The following electives are available: 

  • Manage programs that promote personal effectiveness 
  • Manage an information or knowledge management system 
  • Manage personal work priorities and professional development 
  • Managing customer service 
  • Manage recruitment, selection  and induction processes 

College Trainers and Materials 

Each student will have a dedicated College Training Manager to provide immediate assistance and support.  

The College Trainers all have “real life” experience in the areas that they train in, and so have the expertise and skills to provide effective student and employer support. 

The course materials are delivered in separate “modules” or workbooks. Each module concentrates on a specific theme, and may cover a number of “units of competency” (these are the “national standards” that apply to the qualification).  

The College course material is easy to read and understand and is kept up to date with current business practices and relevant legislation. 

Students are issued a Course Folder to keep their course material organised. 

Course Delivery 

Workbook modules are designed so that students can use small periods of time to “study”. This makes the course achievable even in a busy office – with small periods of time being able to be used effectively. 

Entry Requirements 

Above average level literacy skills are required for this qualification. Subject to the electives chosen, above average English language communication skills may be required. 

Many of the modules in this qualification are about administration skills, so it is important that participants have access to a work environment where they can utilise these skills. 

Word processing skills are required for the unit on business document design. 

National standards (the Australian Qualifications Framework) apply to differentiate between 

Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma level studies.  

Students enrolled in Diploma courses must complete assessment activities that prove the 

following “characteristics of competencies or learning outcomes” required at Diploma level: 

  • The self-directed application of knowledge and skills, with substantial depth in some areas where judgement is required in planning and selecting appropriate equipment, services and techniques for self and others; 
  • Breadth, depth and complexity covering planning and initiation of alternative approaches to skills or knowledge applications across a broad range of technical and/or management requirements, evaluation and coordination; 


  • Applications involve participation in development of strategic initiatives, as well as personal responsibility and autonomy in performing complex technical operations or organising others. It may include participation in teams including teams concerned with planning and evaluation functions. Group or team coordination may be involved. 

Distinguishing features of Diploma level studies include: 

  • Demonstrate understanding of a broad knowledge base incorporating theoretical concepts, with substantial depth in some areas 
  • Analyse and plan approaches to technical problems or management requirements 
  • Evaluate information using it to forecast for planning or research purposes 
  • Transfer and apply theoretical concepts and/or technical or creative skills to a range of situations 
  • Take responsibility for own outputs in relation to broad quantity and quality 
  • Take limited responsibility for the achievement of group outcomes 

Source: Australian Qualifications Framework Handbook Section 32 

Qualification & Career Pathway 

This is a formal qualification recognised as part of the Australian Qualifications framework. After 

completion of this qualification you may wish to continue into Advanced Diploma or University 


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Delivery Method Online
Finance Option Finance Available
Study Time 48 Weeks, 4 Hrs/Week

I am enjoying my course very much. Am learning lots and have even achieved Distinctions in some subjects. Studying online can be hard sometimes as you need to put aside time to study. Quote

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