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Assertiveness Techniques

Practical skills and techniques to boost assertiveness

Being assertive is one of the keys to good communication – it ensures that everyone's ideas are expressed and appreciated. It's not about being loud or boisterous, it’s about having the confidence to express yourself while respecting other people's views.

This program, running over three weeks, is all about giving you that confidence, so you can enjoy more rewarding relationships in all spheres of your life. It’s a highly interactive program using hands-on examples to help you be more confident and turn conflicts into win-win situations.

As a much more assertive and self-confident employee, you’ll bring the ability to express praise and criticism constructively, solve problems more effectively and feel more comfortable saying ‘no’ to unrealistic demands.

This program is for you if you want to become more assertive, communicate more effectively and resolve conflicts more successfully, or if you’d like to develop the skills to give you confidence when dealing with different styles of behaviour.

Course overview

  • Recognise your own dominant style of behaviour
  • Identify the characteristics of different behavioural styles
  • Deal with aggressive and non-assertive behaviour
  • Use alternative behaviours to resolve conflicts


Gain practical skills and knowledge

  • Say ‘no’ comfortably and respectfully
  • Express praise and criticism constructively
  • Become more assertive and self-confident
  • Solve problems
  • Recognise and dealing with different behaviours


Please note that this course is available to residents of NSW only.

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Delivery Method Classroom
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Study Time 3 days

Student Feedback

I feel revitalised and I have some new toys that I can once again use in my business management life, as I have decided to go back into project management helping my son set up his business. Quote

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